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With an emphasis in Women’s Studies, Mary Naples earned an M.A. in Humanities from Dominican University of California in 2013. Her master’s thesis: “Demeter’s Daughter’s: How the Myth of the Captured Bride Helped Spur Feminine Consciousness in Ancient Greece,” examines how female participants found empowerment in a feminine fertility festival. Her deep love of the classical world is reflected in her writing which explores women’s narratives ranging from the ancient Greek and Roman worlds into the Byzantine era and even into ancient Israel and Judea. Having traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Mediterranean, perhaps it’s no surprise that Mary Naples’ favorite city is Naples, Italy. Its multi-layered antiquity, spectacular vistas to say nothing of its hallmark pizzas and warm Neapolitans, makes this a treasured destination point. After a career in high-tech, Mary lives in Sausalito with her husband and cat, Maddie. There she has a collection of books on the classical world and a garden with a Cretan-styled labyrinth. Because reading has always been a passion, she enjoys her work at the local library. When she is not working at the library or writing about the ancient world, Mary enjoys learning Italian and playing classical piano.

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