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Dr Micki

Micki Pistorius is a South African psychologist, author and journalist. As a child, Micki’s natural curiosity was cultivated by both her parents and developed into an insatiable interest in history, art and literature. Her passion for history, archaeology and human origins manifested at the age of sixteen when she selected these subjects at school. It has been a lifelong journey of discovery. After completing her BA degree, she worked as a journalist in printed and television media for 8 years, when she was elected in the University of Pretoria’s psychology programme. She completed her doctorate’s degree in psychology and was immediately appointed as psychological profiler in the South African Police Service. She founded and headed the Investigative Psychology Unit of the SAPS for 6 years. She testified as an expert witness in court. Besides training more than 300 South African detectives, Micki was invited to train detectives, correctional services staff, lawyers and judges on global platforms. She featured in many international television, magazine and news bulletins. After resigning from the SAPS, she returned to journalism and worked for a television production company, writing scripts and producing documentaries for a few years. Then she opened her private practice as psychologist. She continued training and presenting lectures on international podia. Micki never gave up on her calling as a writer and authored 7 books, and her autobiography, Catch me a Killer became a best seller. By 2010 her passion for ancient antiquity inspired her to enrol for an Honours degree in Biblical Archaeology. In her free time she explores archaeological sites all over the world. Micki has reached a point where she is drastically downsizing her psychology practice and shifting her focus to the flame that has been burning since her childhood: writing about archaeology, history and human origins on a permanent scale. She hopes to complete her Master’s degree in archaeology and may one day retire on an island where she will continue writing.


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