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Robert Fabbri was born in Geneva in 1961. He read Drama and Theatre at London University and worked in film and TV for 25 years as an assistant director. He has worked on productions such as Hornblower, Hellraiser, Patriot Games and Billy Elliot. His life-long passion for ancient history inspired him to write the Vespasian series. He writes in his study in Berlin surrounded by research books, a load of Historical Fiction, as well as his 3,500 hand-painted lead soldiers. He lives in London and Berlin.  The Vespasian series cover the life of the Roman soldier turned Emperor.  Vespasian survived the reigns of Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius  and Nero and commissioned the Colosseum to be built.  Robert Fabbri is also the creator of The Crossroads Brotherhood Trilogy, giving an insight into the life of organized crime and protection in 1st century Rome and the trials and tribulations of Marcus Salvius Magnus, Vespasian’s unofficial bodyguard and friend.


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