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I love music. Music calms me down. I step into a fascinated world with music, which is like a gentle and beautiful fairy. Music awakens all dormant dreams in my heart; It sings love in my heart and polishes my heart. It cleanses my heart of any grudges, calms my heart .., one of my favorite emotional songs is Song رفيقم كجايي

I love quiet and classical music. I am also very interested in traditional songs. Happy songs also give me a lot of energy. Like هوروش بند عاشقم کردی.
And I turn on the laptop. Music gives a beautiful color to my world .. a color of love, love and happiness .. with the music of the pen blossoms in my hand .. my thoughts are full and I write. Classic songs like اهنگ بعدت مهراد جمare like healing pills to me.
Music gives a soul to the universe for example دانلود آهنگ ایوان بند ای عشق Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind0


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