The Enigmatic Columns of Horus: Divine Tools of Energy– Part II

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The Enigmatic Columns of Horus: Divine Tools of Energy– Part II

The Enigmatic Columns of Horus: Divine Tools of Energy– Part II

To shed light on the enigma of the Columns of Horus, I analyzed the Ennead of Heliopolis, the gods’ functions and tools.

The supreme being of the pharaohs’ pantheon was associated with the sun’s disk and, according to the myth, he emerged from the ocean of the Nun, carried by the goddess Mehetueret, the Celestial Cow. The Nun was the male part of the primordial ocean, existing before the world was created. Ra is often drawn in the ritual paintings characterizing the Egyptian tombs. Sometimes, he was bearer of light and power.

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The following image, reproducing the god Ra-Atum, was found in the necropolis of Luxor. It is one of the best masterpieces depicting the god as progenitor of the Ennead of Heliopolis. Observing the image, it is possible to highlight several interesting clues, which have a complex meaning, such as the sun disk, positioned on the head of the Lord of the gods. A Cobra, forming a circle, draws the disk.

Symbols of Civilizations

Relief of the god Ra-Atum, found in the necropolis of Luxor.

Relief of the god Ra-Atum, found in the necropolis of Luxor.

The circle is a significant symbol expressing energy, because the Sun is lifeblood for humankind, while the snake represents the concept of knowledge; that is why we can assume that the god Ra has a precise function, i.e. the “Keeper of the knowledge of the Energy”. The image has other little details, very peculiar, such as the Uas, the divine stick or scepter, in his left hand, through which he is manifesting his power.

In the right hand, he brings the Ankh, the Crux ansata meaning “Life”, like a divinity messenger of Energy and Vitality. The Stick and the Ankh are both connected to the sun disk and the cobra, because while the first has a function of power against the subjects, the second is a tool through which the god infuses energy. Nevertheless, it is very important to note a perfect distribution of symbol; they are not accidental but they observe a precise logic. As noted from the academic studies, the Egyptian Civilization had never encountered the Indian Civilization, but it cannot be kept secret the remarkable homogeneity of concepts referred to the symbols. 

From Oriental philosophy, in fact, we received concepts describing the top of our body such as the last phase through which energy, coming from below, goes to the universe. Therefore, it’s believed the human being – by its very nature – becomes the link between Earth and Sky. It is amazing to observe how the Egyptians Civilization developed the same Indian philosophy, and reproduced them in their iconographies, much like the Ouroboros.

This gem displays an "uroborus," (a serpent which swallows its own tail to create a closed circle) encircling a scarab beetle and a long inscription, which is made up of magical words. Above the god is a head of Hathor with a winged sun-disk. Gems with magical icons and words were believed to be protective. Egypt.

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