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Mount Shasta's Mysteries. (Image: © 2021 D.W. Naef)

The Earth-Energy Hotspot Of Mount Shasta

Ever since prehistoric times spiritual seekers have acknowledged Mount Shasta, in Siskiyou County, California, as a sacred mountain. Could the unique geology and location of Mount Shasta have something to do with the supernatural legends surrounding it? The belief that Mount Shasta contains some kind of hidden realm or alternate dimension within it, is ubiquitous and well documented in the many legends and tales that have evolved around it throughout history.

Petroglyph Point, near Lava Beds National Monument. (Image: © 2021 D.W. Naef)

Perhaps the earliest recorded inscription illustrating this belief is a distinctive petroglyph found carved into a cliff face, which is in a direct alignment with Mount Shasta itself, in a place called Petroglyph Point, located north-east of Mount Shasta near Lava Beds National Monument. The age of the petroglyph is unknown, but it is estimated to have been carved thousands of years ago. Because of its undetermined age, nobody can state with certainty what the carving represents, however it does curiously resemble some kind of humanoid situated inside of a representation of Mount Shasta, hewn out of the cliff face.

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