Was Osiris A Real Person Deified After Death Or A Mythical God?

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Osiris as a pharaoh, real king (NorLife/ Adobe Stock)

Was Osiris A Real Person Deified After Death Or A Mythical God?

Who was Osiris? Was he a mythological God in ancient Egypt before Christianity began, or was he a real person, a King of Egypt? Dr Ken Jeremiah provides his thoughts on the existence of a real person who was named Osiris (wsir), and Dr Rachel Medina argues he was a mythical god.

Osiris the Man – Dr Ken Jeremiah

The Egyptian God Osiris, properly called wsir, was originally known as an agricultural God and the God of fertility.  In time, He took the place as supreme ruler of the Egyptian pantheon, and he became known as the God of the afterlife and resurrection.  He is associated with natural cycles, which included agricultural ideas, as well as notions regarding the cycle of life, death, rebirth, and then re-death.  He was killed by his brother Set, whose name later became Satan in Christianity.  He was often called the ‘Lord of Silence’ or ‘Foremost of the Westerners’, and at one point, during the Old Kingdom period (2686-2181 BC), there appeared symbolic representations of him joining Ra in the sky after his death.  According to some sources, citizens first began worshipping him during the Fifth Dynasty (25th century BC), but other authors, including the current author, believe that his real origins lie with the life and death of a real human being who lived during pre-dynastic times (5500-3100 BC), and that he was deified after his death.

Original Holy Trinity, Osiris, Isis and Horus ( lurs / Adobe Stock)

Original Holy Trinity, Osiris, Isis and Horus ( lurs / Adobe Stock)

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