Megalith: Studies in Stone
Saturday August 25, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Hugh Newman
Megalith: Studies in Stone

Encoded with sophisticated mathematics and alignments, do stone circles hint at advanced ancient understandings?

Over 1000 stone circles have been recorded in Britain, and sites such as Gobekli Tepe in Turkey, Karahunge in Armenia, and Msoura in Morocco are rewriting the dating and origins of the stone circle builders. These rings of stone have now been recorded worldwide.

Subtle earth energies, underground water, and unusual have been detected at these sites. The positioning of the formations in relation to other sites within the landscape suggests their geomantic location was an integral part of their design.

We’re joined for this intriguing AO Premium webinar by founder of Megalithomania, author, and ancient sites explorer Hugh Newman, who guides us through the mysteries of these sites:  who may have built them—and why.

Hugh will also look at the early theories, interpretations, folklore, and effects these circles have had on antiquarians, artists, and researchers since they were put back in the spotlight by John Aubrey and William Stukeley in the 1600s and 1700s, with some of their early insights now being confirmed by modern science!

Hugh Newman is a special contributor to Ancient Origins, a regular guest on History Channel’s  Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants  and organizes the annual Megalithomania conferences and tours and co-organizes the Origins Conference in London with Andrew Collins.

For more on this compelling research, see Hugh’s newest book, MEGALITH: Studies In Stone

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Unearthing the Lost Meridian of Tiwanaku’s Temple Builders
Saturday July 14, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Ashley Cowie
Unearthing the Lost Meridian of Tiwanaku’s Temple Builders

The mystical site holds secrets and surprises -  Explore the ancient alignments.

The origins of a massive ritual complex at the ancient city of Tiwanaku in modern-day Bolivia have become blurred by a string of modern researchers who present the stepped-platforms, pyramid mounds, sunken-chambers, and massive finely-cut blocks as evidence of a lost civilization, or extra-terrestrial agency.

Cutting through this modern-fictional noise, this Webinar looks at the astronomical and geodetic conditions at Tiwanaku and reveals how the people aligned their sacred city around an ancient prime meridian. This highly-spiritualized alignment was not only utilized as a practical measuring tool in all architectural and astronomical projects, but it was 'the' axis mundi helping worshipers orient themselves while being 'out there,' on meditational and spiritual quests.

Get ready to dive into the mystical history of Tiwanaku with historian Ashley Cowie on Ancient Origins Premium.


 Ashley Cowie is a Scottish historian, author and filmmaker exploring and investigating myths and legends, ancient cultures and kingdoms, science and psychology, artifacts, iconography, and architecture.

Visit and find out more in his in-depth books, A Twist in Time, Secret Viking Sea Chart, and others.


Expert Webinars are available to our Silver and Gold Members. 

It’s easy and quick to become a Silver or Gold Member – SIGN UP to get immediate access to interviews, webinars, free eBooks, exclusive content, and so much more!

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The Cygnus Key: A Chance to Meet the Denisovans - The True Founders of Civilization
Saturday June 30, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Andrew Collins
The Cygnus Key: A Chance to Meet the Denisovans - The True Founders of Civilization

How did civilization arise, and was it gifted to humanity in some manner?

Two popular theories seem to provide answers. One is that civilization arose as a result of the survivors of sunken Atlantis reaching foreign shores, bringing with them remnants of their high technology and profound ancient wisdom.

The other is that the greatest civilizations on earth arose through either direct or indirect intervention from aliens.

Yet today we have a third alternative; this being that civilization was gifted to us by an advanced human society that had developed an increased level of technological and spiritual development even before the majority of our ancestors departed Africa around 50,000-60,000 years ago! We speak of the Denisovans, whose existence was not even known about until the genome of a finger bone from the Denisova Cave in Siberia was sequenced in 2010. Exploration has shown that before vanishing from the pages of prehistory some 40,000 years ago the Denisovans achieved an extraordinary level of development—in fact, the Denisovans might well have recorded the motions of the celestial bodies, including long-term eclipse cycles, which they used to create numerical systems involving key numbers such as 54, 108, 216 and 432 preserved to this day in cosmological myths and legends, as well as in sacred architecture, all around the world.

How was this possible? What type of mind can have achieved such an advanced state of development even before the rise of human civilization?

We’re joined by Ancient Origins contributor and author Andrew Collins for an exploration into the prehistoric past, and the mysterious founding of civilization.

Andrew Collins is author of new book The Cygnus Key: The Denisovan Legacy, Göbekli Tepe and the Birth of Egypt. Andrew is one of the world’s foremost experts on Göbekli Tepe, having first visited the site in 2004. He has been investigating its Pre-Pottery Neolithic culture for over 20 years, and is the author of various books that feature the subject including From the Ashes of Angels (1996), The Cygnus Mystery (2006) and Göbekli Tepe: Genesis of the Gods (2014). 

Visit and find out more in his book The Cygnus Key: The Denisovan Legacy, Göbekli Tepe, and the Birth of Egypt

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From Religion to Reality: One Ring to Rule Them All
Saturday May 26, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Jim Willis
From Religion to Reality: One Ring to Rule Them All

Searching for meaning in the world of religion…

40,000 years ago, across Europe and Asia, our ancestors felt the need to crawl deep underground, braving the depths and darkness, to paint magnificent images on the walls of caves.  Why?

The incredible megalithic temple called Gobekli Tepe was built 11,600 years ago, before the Agricultural Revolution, before humans had discovered how to grow their own food to support such an endeavor. It begs the question - Why?

6,000 years later humans dragged stones, weighing up to four tons, 140 miles across England to build a monument called Stonehenge. Why? 

On an equatorial band circling the earth, our ancestors felt the need to build pyramids. Why?

Over the course of a thousand years, no less than five world religions were born that are still a source of faith and practice to billions of people around the world. Why?

Over the last hundred years scientists have probed deep into the nature of material existence itself, uncovering a wild and whacky quantum universe unimaginable until our day were it not for the visions and experiences of shamans and mystics.  What they discovered has caused even the most secular people to ask the question, "Why?"

The great questions of humanity have been the same for as long as there have been humans around to ask them:  "Who are we?"..."Why are we here?"..."What is our purpose?"... "Is there more?"

Why does religion even exist? Is religion merely an opiate of the people, salving over the human need to solve questions about the Great Unknown? Or is it so much more? Could there be a very real Great Unknown, such that we can communicate with It, and It with us?

Religion, going all the way back to the earliest forms of Shamanism, attempts to bridge the gap between the material world and the metaphysical, or spiritual, world.  It may even prove to be the thing that made us human in the first place!

We’re joined by Ancient Origins contributor and author Jim Willis for an exploration into the biggest, most vital questions.

Having earned his master's degree in theology from Andover Newton Theological School, Jim Willis is the author of nine books on religion and spirituality. He has been an ordained minister for over forty years while working part-time as a carpenter, hosting own drive-time radio show, as well as being an arts council director and adjunct college professor in the fields of World Religions and Instrumental Music. His current residence in the woods of South Carolina inspired his books Supernatural Gods: Spiritual Mysteries, Psychic Experiences, and Scientific Truths, and Jim digs deep into essential topics with Ancient Gods: Lost Histories, Hidden Truths and the Conspiracy of Silence.


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The Tall Ones, Megaliths & Technology – The Adena of Prehistoric America
Saturday May 5, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Jason Jarrell
The Tall Ones, Megaliths & Technology – The Adena of Prehistoric America

Mysterious Serpent Mounds and Legends of the Tall Ones…

2000 years ago, the Adena mound builders initiated widespread earthwork construction, socio-economic exchange, and intense ritualism in the Ohio River Valley in the United States. The Adena people constructed artificial burial mounds of earth ranging from a few inches to 65 feet high, and megalithic sites including mysterious serpent mounds. There were also individuals among the Adena of extraordinary height and powerful builds. This presentation explores these and other fascinating topics relating to the Adena Culture.

Join regular Ancient Origins contributor Jason Jarrell in his premier Expert Webinar, as he covers the fascinating history and enduring enigmas of the Adena Culture.

Jason Jarrell is an investigative historian and avocational archaeologist studying many subjects including depth psychology, Biblical mysteries, political science, and comparative mythology. He has presented at conferences on ancient mysteries and has appeared on the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens television series.

Ages of the Giants by Jason Jarrell and Sarah Farmer, traces the ancient North American giants through 4000 years of prehistoric cultures utilizing archaeological data. Learn more at

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Hunting Ancient South American Gold
Saturday March 3, 2018 6:30pm EST
by Ashley Cowie
Hunting Ancient South American Gold

The power of gold, and a history of treasure.


Join Ancient Origins Premium with historian Ashley Cowie, streaming live from the world’s largest collection of ancient golden artifacts at the MUSEUM OF GOLD in Bogota, Colombia!


Ashley gets exclusive access to film in the museum to showcase history – LIVE! Follow along as he reveals the supreme role of gold in South American creation myths. What were the ancient techniques of gold mining and the molding processes? Discover gold in the sacred landscapes of the Muisca people, and learn what happened with the arrival of the 16 century Spanish treasure hunters – and even the modern-day battle for Colombia’s lost treasures.



You won’t forget this rare peek into an ancient ‘golden age’!

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The Temple at the Gates of Dawn: Ancient Sites are Forever Sacred - It’s only the Name of the Gods That Change
Saturday February 24, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Charles Christian
The Temple at the Gates of Dawn: Ancient Sites are Forever Sacred - It’s only the Name of the Gods That Change

The Temple at the Gates of Dawn: Ancient Sites are Forever Sacred - It’s only the Name of the Gods That Change

Join regular Ancient Origins contributor Charles Christian for an exploration of how one mysterious ruin in the East of England has been the site of continuous religious ceremonies for over 2000 years—but with an ever changing cast of gods including the Celtic Belenus, the Roman Mithras, the Saxon Woden and finally the Christian God. This revealing webinar will also be looking at the implications of the St Michael ley-line and how this could connect the ruins with an even older tradition stretching back to Thoth, Ancient Egyptian god of the Underworld. Join us for a preview of some of the material in Charles Christian’s upcoming book The Temple at the Gates of Dawn.

Charles ChristianSee more at and don’t miss Charles’ Weird Tales Radio Show, exploring Ghosts, Geeks, Magick, Music, Urban Myths & Folklore!

Charles Christian is a professional writer, editor, award-winning journalist and former Reuters correspondent. His recent non-fiction books include A travel guide to Yorkshire’s Weird Wolds: The Mysterious Wold Newton Triangle.


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Brutus of Troy & the Myth of Britain's Trojan Origins
Tuesday January 23, 2018 4:00pm EST
by Anthony Adolph
Brutus of Troy & the Myth of Britain's Trojan Origins

Who Founded London? What’s the REAL HISTORY of Giant-Slaying Brutus of Troy?

Britain's most potent origin myth tells how Brutus of Troy led descendants of survivors of the Trojan War in a voyage to Britain, where they killed the giants who lived here and founded London as the 'New Troy' in the west.  Mainstream academia has long since dismissed the story as being untrue.  Yet many people today believe the opposite.  

Anthony AdolphIn this webinar, Anthony Adolph, professional genealogist and author of 'Brutus of Troy and the Quest for the Ancestry of the Origins of the British' (Pen and Sword, 2015), addresses the history head-on, examining the lack of evidence for Trojans in Britain and explains how Brutus's story was worked up in the Dark Ages out of nothing more than the name of Britain itself.  Yet it is only by releasing Brutus's myth from the unrealistic expectation of it being true that we can truly appreciate it in all its dazzling glory!

Don’t miss special guest Anthony Adolph in this engaging AO PREMIUM webinar.

He examines these themes and more in his book 'Brutus of Troy and the Quest for the Ancestry of the Origins of the British’ (Pen and Sword, 2015)

Check out | Anthony Adolph on Youtube

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Were the Maya able to Foresee our Future?
Thursday December 7, 2017 4:00pm EST
by Dr Carl Johan Calleman

The Maya is an ancient native American people sometimes credited with having been able to foresee the future, and especially the year 2012 has often been mentioned in such a context. In this thought-provoking webinar, Dr Carl Johan Calleman will review what the Classical Maya actually said about this, and what their calendrical tools of foreseeing the future actually were.

A key component was the Plumed Serpent—a symbol of a wave movement that has often been misunderstood. We can still use these tools for understanding our past and, with limitations, the future, but then we will have to know how the nine waves of the Mayan calendar system actually works!

Special guest author Dr Carl Johan Calleman returns to AO PREMIUM for this much-anticipated webinar.

He examines these themes and more in his book The Nine Waves of Creation - Quantum Physics, Holographic Evolution and the Destiny of Humanity 

| Dr Calleman’s Facebook Page 


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A Journey into Northern Myth, Ritual, Runes and Cosmology
Thursday November 23, 2017 5:00pm EST
by Andreas Kornevall
A Journey into Northern Myth, Ritual, Runes and Cosmology - Webinar

Myth; Ritual; Runes; Glean insight into the Northern myth-world!

Andreas Kornevall joins AO Premium to present the Norse creation myth and the story that lies at the very heart of Norse mythology: the Birth of Wisdom. He will reveal the relationship between the runes and the Norse creation myth, and will discuss ancient rune amulets such as the ancient bracteates and runes stones.  Join us to discover theories of how rune amulets were used magically, and what influenced the magician who worked with them throughout the thousand-year history of runic writing.  It will be a journey that will take us to ancient mystery cults and to lost star constellations.  Much of this material has never before been translated into English. This compelling webinar will be a combination of storytelling, lecture and discussion.

Andreas is able to offer one-to-one sessions of his study material for those interested, please contact: [email protected] for more details. |

Andreas Kornevall grew up in South America, Sweden, and Switzerland.  He spent several years volunteering with charities around the world, after which, he co-founded —a non-profit volunteering and travelling site, which has sent thousands of volunteers across the world.  He also directs the Earth Restoration Service Charity, which aims to enhance ecological integrity, by planting new woodlands around the world.  In response to the sixth mass extinction he co-founded the Life Cairn movement: memorials for species rendered extinct at human hands:

As a writer he was the winner, 3rd prize, of the short story competition.  His writing on myth and ecology has appeared in books and publications such as the Dark Mountain Books, Resurgence Magazine, Permaculture Magazine, Yellow Medicine Review, Earth Lines, Positive News, Spiritual Ecology, The Barefoot Dairies, Kindred Spirits, The Ecologist, and more. His work has been covered by both The Guardian newspaper and the BBC.

As a storyteller he has worked with Sussex Past, the oldest archaeological society in the UK, to revive the ancient Pagan Anglo-Saxon Creation Myth, telling stories inside the iconic Lewes Castle, and he regularly works with the National Trust in the UK in re-storying the landscape of the South Downs in Sussex where he lives.  He has also delivered lectures at UK Universities in Norse Myths, and is an active member of the ‘Forn Sed’ (Old Customs Association) in Sweden which works closely with ancient Norse culture, traditions and spirituality, unearthing old legends, forgotten folklore and endangered Norse languages.

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